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FT-2000D Radio
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FT-1000D Radio
FT-1000D ESSB Mods Page

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For more info, please read the 1st report detailing my adventures adding a thermoelectric cooler to a humidor.
How to Design an Air Cooled Humidor PDF - Rev 4 - 8/8/08 . . . here

The 2nd report shows how to add temperature and humidity controllers for fully automatic operation.
Humidor Temperature + Humidity Modification PDF - Rev 4 - 10/23/14 . . . here

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Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe Page
The Mercedes S500 Coupe auto page can assist you in troubleshooting
the many electrical systems in the car. Also specially developed Mercedes products
for sale will materially enhance your motoring experience.

FT-2000D ESSB Setup Page
These pages are devoted to the setup of the FT-2000D for Extended SSB (ESSB) operation. Initially, the pages will concentrate on the how-to-use the internal menus and external audio equipment to attain a clean and articulate ESSB signal from the radio including "how-to-equalize" the Tx passband for a flat response.    Also various ckt modifications will be detailed in "how-to-do-it" menus that will further enhance the SSB capability of this radio.

FT-1000D ESSB Mods Page
These pages are devoted to the FT1000D audio circuit and filter modifications that have transformed this classic radio into a "ESSB" player.

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